Have you heard about those studies where people say beautiful, positive things to plants and they thrive and grow?

And then people say mean, negative things to plants and those plants shrivel?

{IKEA just did this study…IKEA!! What will our lives be like in 10 years when consciousness is shifting so fast!?!?}

Well…I’ve got something for you to ponder today….

How do you speak to your pussy?

Are you saying beautiful complimentary things to her so she can thrive?

Or are you judging her and criticizing her…or even worse…ignoring her?

The truth is that most women are judging and ignoring her…so don’t feel bad if you are too…

But you know what happens when your pussy shrivels under negativity and meanness?

She drys up, she stops desiring, she stops playing, she stops having orgasms, she stops craving sex/life/beauty/pleasure…

And you might end up thinking there is something wrong with her…

But what if she’s just like a pet kitten that gets mistreated and starts hiding under the sofa?

There isn’t anything wrong with the kitty…she just needs what we all need…safety, love, and a good sweet stroke so she will want to climb into your lap and purr.

You might even HATE the word pussy…(and if so, I made an amazing vlog for you I’ll be sharing soon…)

A lot of women don’t even have a great word for HER. So they feel awkward and disconnected talking (or even thinking) about her.

So how do you change this relationship?

If you have a broken relationship with her, what can you do to heal it?

If you have a great relationship with her, what can you do to make it outrageously awesome?!

Behold the newest vlog below where I share 3 ways to show your pussy you love her.

You’ll be able to easily incorporate one of these daily practices to start celebrating her…and just like those luscious jungle flowers that bloom because the rain and the sunshine say sweet, sweet seductive things to them…

Your pussy is gonna bloom so so bright.

Here’s to the season of radiant, colorful pussy blossoming all over the world – starting with YOU today.

Let me know in the comments below what your relationship with your pussy is.

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