Sometimes people think of yoga as being the opposite of sex.

(But am I the only one who’s ever had an orgasm in yoga class? NO?!?)

In fact, Hatha Yoga was developed in the Tantric traditions of India and in some paths, using sex and sexual energy consciously was a route to spiritual awakening.

Many people have forgotten this and so yoga has often moved away from its primal, raw, and very sexy roots.

In today’s video, I share with you the core way that you can use yoga to enhance your sexuality (and sex life) along with 3 yoga asanas that work directly on your sexuality.

And if you really want to nerd out on Tantra (like me 😍) then…

Sometimes when I talk about this people say, “Tantra isn’t only about sex.”

It’s true. In my experience, Tantra is one of the most advanced mystical systems for spiritual enlightenment ever developed (thank you, India!!) and it holds an infinite well of deep and profound wisdom.

However, it is one of the only traditions that worshipped ALL of reality as an expression of the Goddess.

Including sex, genitals, orgasm, and pleasure.

Some paths of Tantra also taught that going straight to the spaces of conditioned shame and taboo was one of the fastest paths to awakening.

So, while I want us all to hold the much bigger picture of what Tantra is, I’d also like to point out what can easily be missed sometimes:

That the path was about going where you’ve most been taught not to go… Only to find the divine there.

So I say: Let’s start with pussy and cock and intersexed genitalia.

Once you’ve found the Goddess there, it’s a lot easier to find Her everywhere.

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