You know how an ex-lover can just get stuck in your system?

When I broke up with my boyfriend before Andrew…

I just could. Not. Get. Him. Out.

Out of my heart, out of my mind, out of my system.

All I wanted was to be DONE and free so that I could move on with my life…

But no.

It was like my insides had been painted with this permanent paint of his memory, his sexuality, his essence….

And he’d been a pretty terrible boyfriend so I was like “Come on brain, what the hell is wrong with you?!?”

But of course, there was nothing wrong with me or my brain. The truth was?

No one had ever taught me how to fully release an ex.

Yes, you can cut the cords and delete the pictures on your phone…

You can burn the love letters and throw his boxers in the trash…

But at the end of the day, what you really need to do to completely liberate yourself from an ex goes SO MUCH DEEPER than that.

I learned this the hard way…. And at the same time, I discovered an amazing way that really works for releasing an ex and clearing them out of your system (for good!).

I packaged it all into a simple 5-step practice for you that you can check out in the video below:

Plus, I recorded a guided audio for this practice that you can download to do as often as you want because, yes…

Sometimes this can be a process!

If you want to do a deep cleanse, go through the practice for any exes who are clearly still in your system as well as recent breakups. You can also do it for any deep relationships you had in the past for even more resolution.

The more resolution you have with exes, the more free you are to be fully present with your new partner…. Or to attract new love!

Sound good?

Let me know how it goes!! And cheers to your powerful liberation!

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