One of my favorite ways to do things like meditations, jade egg, and pleasure practices on the regular is to shorten them into teeny-tiny bite-sized experiences.


Because if I think about doing something pleasurable or awakening for a full hour I’m pretty much just way too resistant and lazy for that and won’t do it. 🤷‍♀️

Yes, when I lived in the jungle and had a practice community and no job, I did 4 hours of Tantric yoga a day and two hours of meditation – hallelujah!

Now that I’m running a successful business and live in Los Angeles in partnership with a busy social life and a new dog and three mice…

One full hour of practice is rarely my reality.

So how do I motivate myself to do the things I know are good for me?

I do 5 minutes of meditation or 7 minutes of breathwork or a 10-minute pleasure ritual.

I can get excited by that and actually do it – which feels amazing and accomplished which then leads to more short-ass meditations and pleasure rituals that add up but feel less overwhelming to do.

So below is a quick and powerful 10-minute pleasure ritual to get your day started that I designed to be a sweet and beautiful addition to your day.

I really do believe that inviting our body and nervous system into pleasure in the morning has an uplifting effect on our entire day….

It makes it feel accessible to shift into pleasure more often….

Because life is short, so why not feel more pleasure while you can, take care of your sh*t, and engage in chaos and humanity on this magical rock whirling around a giant ball of fire through infinite space?

It doesn’t just make more sense…

It’ll also make you feel more joyful, alive, centered, and connected to your pleasure and power – throughout your whole day. 🦄

Enjoy your morning ritual below!

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