Last week I did a really intensive one-week retreat, The Hoffman Process, where I released all the negative patterns I got from my mom, dad and stepfather growing up (suuuuper intense and also super healing!!)…

One cool thing about the retreat is that you couldn’t tell anyone what you did for work so I got to be (mostly) anonymous…

During one exercise, my facilitator asked me what I did to experience gratitude in my life and I said, “Sex magic…I practice sex magic in my backyard temple!!!”

Needless to say, all anyone wanted to talk to me about for the rest of the week was sex magic.

Moms from Chicago, tech entrepreneurs from San Francisco, construction engineers from Canada…EVERYONE wanted to know how to do sex magic.

Which is awesome because sex magic is better than…well, non-tantric sex…drugs, rock’n’roll, gluten-free macaroni and cheese and winning the lottery…I promise you…sex magic is better than all of those things.

I made this week’s video with my friends to talk about how sex magic has changed our lives and our experiences of sex (and also share more about the actual practice….)

It’s the most magical, incredible and beautiful practice and I am beyond thrilled that the word is getting out and everyone is starting to get down with sex magic.

P.S. Let me know in the comments…do you already practice sex magic? If so, what has it done for your life?

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