I had my first strong Kundalini energy awakening about 11 years ago during a breathwork session in the mountains outside of Santa Barbara.

I was breathing and breathing in a session where I really wanted to heal my childhood trauma and my body started to vibrate and buzz in indescribable ways.

When I finished the session, I walked outside into nature and it was like everything was in full technicolor aliveness!!! I could feel the consciousness in everything.

I knew that life would never be the same and my heart was overflowing with this knowledge that I was so much more magical and powerful than I ever could have imagined!!

So, after 11 years of honoring this energy, working with it, and watching it evolve through my body (and countless students and clients as well!!)…I’ve learned so much about the intricacies of this sacred consciousness.

One thing I want to share with you today is that some of the phenomena can feel scary or strange if you didn’t grow up in a culture that honored and acknowledged Kundalini energy awakening (like India!)…

As a result, many people can get scared when their energy starts to wake up and can subconsciously shut it back down.

One thing that so many people don’t understand is that sex is just like meditation: it elevates and awakens your consciousness and energy (if done properly!).

So sex, especially deep sex or Tantric sex, can produce a Kundalini awakening.

Unfortunately, in Western society, most of us were taught to fear the phenomena that are the portals to our greatest spiritual empowerment and personal connection to our own inner magic.

In this week’s video, I’ll share with you what you can expect if your Kundalini starts awakening during sex and how to support yourself so that you can open up to the full vibrational aliveness that it offers.

Most of the practices that I teach will eventually lead to a strong activation of inner aliveness and energy, so it’s important to know what to expect and how to care for yourself.

Also, there are a lot of “scary” things out there written about Kundalini energy and a lot of fear around it in some circles.

In my experience working with it for 11 years, if you respect it, honor it, work with it, and follow your own inner guidance and truth, it’s a supremely beautiful path. Sure, there are twists and turns and intense experiences, but what did you expect if you were going to become fully alive?!?

When properly guided, I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of people experience this awakening process in deeply integrated and self-loving ways.

The people I’ve seen in other communities who experience something damaging or scary often didn’t have any guidance or pushed and pushed in a very unintegrated way.

It would be like driving a sports car at 250 mph off-road with no driver’s license. There isn’t anything wrong with the car, there’s something really off about the way you’re choosing to drive it. Get back on the road and slow down, you know what I mean?

Kundalini energy is goddess energy. Worship her, respect her, work with her…and you’ll awaken to levels of beauty beyond what you ever could have imagined.


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