You know when you have those big, intense questions that you ask yourself over and over again… but you can’t take any action until you DECIDE?

Some mega-questions I’ve been asking myself lately are:

  • Should Andrew and I have children or not?
  • Should I build a Tantra Center where these practices are taught live or just stay online?
  • Will my first book be more “Sex Goddess” or “The Tantric Approach to Life for Women?”

You’re probably facing your own deep set of questions. Some of the most common questions I get asked by you are:

  • Should I stay in this relationship or should I leave?
  • Should I stay in this career or start a new one?
  • Should I do this now or later?

With those big, life-changing decisions, where you just go back and forth in your head…

You can end up super stuck and confused.

So today, I’m sharing with you a potent meditation to help you get unstuck and out of your head so that you can make your big decisions coming from a place of wisdom and truth.

This is the same process I guide my Sex, Love & Relationship Coaches through to listen to themselves and to be able to chart their own destiny in life.

(Obviously, it’s my treat!)

And while I LOVE guiding and supporting you, I can’t give you the deepest answers. Only you have the deepest answers…and what I truly love to do is show you how to get quiet enough that you can listen to your own inner guidance…from your soul, your inner wisdom, your own higher self…whatever you want to call it…

And that’s what this meditation is all about.

And here’s the thing. Once you know how to listen to that, you can always make clear, important decisions for yourself.

You know what you really want.

You know what your deepest energies and guidance are telling you to do.

This kind of approach is like gold…because when you don’t listen to your inner guidance deeply, you’ll have all kinds of conflicting ideas, plusses and minuses, reasons to and reasons not to…

But let’s be honest…the only reason to ever do ANYTHING EVER…is because it’s your deepest inner truth to do so.

When you can hear that, not only can you give a full 100% yes, but you can also take action – and these are the exact two things you need to be successful in life.

I don’t always like what my soul has to say, but she’s never, ever let me down. When I listen to her, my life just keeps getting more magical and more beautiful each and every day.

To really tune in, use this meditation process to support you in listening to that deepest soul calling within you.



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