These 5 holistic tools are the foundation of my proprietary VITA™ method – a Tantric approach to sex, love, and relationships – and they will completely transform your sexual experience.

With these tools, you can heal past wounds, strip away your sexual conditioning, awaken your authentic sexuality, and experience pleasure and orgasm on a whole new level.

They release your judgmental, controlling mind so that you can feel heightened sensations and totally unleash.

You’ll not only unlock ecstatic states, but you’ll also tap into innate spiritual wisdom.

If you’re craving more intimate, wild, and deeply meaningful sexual experiences, then watch this week’s episode on the 5 holistic tools to awaken your sexuality.

I’ve created a free Sacred Sexuality Starter Kit so that you can experience for yourself the profound levels of pleasure, power, and liberation that come from practicing sacred sexuality. You’ll get 5 practices that teach you my 5 core sacred sexuality tools for expanded consciousness and self-realization.

If you’re looking to explore your Sacred Sexuality on an even deeper level, among a community of supportive Goddesses/exes, then be on the lookout for when my VITA™ Sacred Sexuality Initiation opens for enrollment from May 18th to the 26th! This program will Ignite your sexuality, power, magic, and authentic feminine soul. Learn more about it here!

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