Squirting can be super sexy and pleasurable for both women and men, but fear can often hold women back from the experience.

Many women come to a point during sex when they feel like they have to pee.

And because they’d feel embarrassed to pee, they clench up and hold back, oftentimes preventing orgasm and squirting.

But this sensation they’re feeling may actually be their bodies wanting to female ejaculate.

So with this understanding, I love coaching women on how to relax and open up during sex so that they can experience more pleasure, more orgasms, and even squirting.

This incredible act of surrender can be so erotic for men and women.

So if you want to explore squirting, what is beautifully called amrita or divine nectar in Tantra, I’m sharing with you today 5 steps to a squirting orgasm.

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