We wanted to share our process of conscious uncoupling with you…

Not only because you’ve been a part of our journey…

But because we want to offer you a different perspective on what breaking up can look like.

We didn’t read a book and we don’t have a guide, we’re simply following what feels true to us.

And by hearing our truth, you may uncover more of your own truth…

And have an example of conscious uncoupling that isn’t often seen.

There are so many ways to separate romantically from a partner, some healthier than others…

And although our uncoupling has been filled with love, respect, and support…

We’re honest about how hard it’s been and some of the unhealthy patterns that have cropped up.

We share with you the different cycles of our process, and how we know what we’re doing is right.

And although our romantic partnership is ending, it is not a failure.

We’ve set each other up for deeper, truer love.

We’ve helped each other become who we’re meant to be.

And the love between us is only transitioning.

So if you’re curious to know more about our conscious uncoupling process and to learn from what we’re going through, watch the video below.

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