So you’re probably thinking:

“Wait a minute… Crystal Egg?? I thought it was all about the Jade Egg??”

I totally get it…

Over the years, there’s been a ton of conflicting information out there about the material of the yoni egg and it’s body safety.

Don’t worry – I got you!

In this week’s video, I’m bringing you scientist Layla to finally demystify the crystal yoni egg.

With so much confusion and misunderstanding around what a crystal egg even is, how to safely use it and why it works…

It’s no wonder so many of us never bother to even try it!

You see – a crystal egg isn’t just any old egg…

It’s a miniature pussy-power tool, deeply rooted in the Taoist tradition of energetic and psychosexual practice to access and awaken the deepest parts of your sexuality!

It’s like yoga for your pussy!

And that’s why I’m here to bust the myths and explain to you what you want to consider about a material that you want to put in your body…

Giving you the information to make an empowered, conscientious and informed decision about YOUR body…

YOUR outrageous pleasure…

And YOUR radiant power!

Check out [Crystal Egg 101] in the video below.

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