My all-time favorite practice to teach people is Sex Magic.


Because it is LIFE-CHANGING.

And it’s extremely pleasurable.

Most manifestation techniques only focus on one or two of the three key things you need to manifest.

The three keys to manifestation are:

  • A very clear vision
  • Access to your subconscious mind
  • A high energy state

Sex Magic does all three.

Plus, it harnesses the power of your sexual energy.

What most people don’t realize is that sexual energy can be used to create more than just life…

It can be used to create anything we want.

So to show you just how powerful Sex Magic is, I’m going to share with you my three most profound Sex Magic experiences in this week’s episode, along with key information you’ll need to start practicing Sex Magic.

You can also get my FREE Sex Magic practice below this video.


If you want to accelerate the manifestation of your deepest desires, then check out my FREE Sex Magic practice! This powerful tool goes way beyond affirmations and visualizations – it teaches you how to use your sexual energy, your creative life force, to manifest whatever it is that you want.

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