You know that one thing your partner does…

That you would LOVE if they did a tiny bit differently…?

Or that fantasy you’ve had for years that you’d really love to act out with your current lover?

Well, how exactly do you ask for these things without making them feel like they’ve been missing the mark the entire time??

Trust me, it’s a science, an exact one…

And I’m about to reveal the 5 steps you can take to ask your partner for exactly what you want!

When you come from a place of positivity and support (and use the right language – super important!), asking for what you want can be the ultimate way to bring you even closer and make sure you’re BOTH having an epic experience in the bedroom.

Watch the video below to discover my 5-step process for telling your partner what you want in a way that keeps them receptive, engaged, and eager to please.

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