Experience the Honey Pot Practice

  • Can be done sitting or lying
  • Visualize what you want to bring to your sexual center.  Ex: health, sexiness, confidence, excitement, love, passion
  • Can use the triangle position with the hands to direct your awareness – connect the thumbs at the navel, where the index fingers connect is about the center of the uterus, where the pinkies fall naturally is about over the ovaries
  • Can still be done even if some or all of your sexual organs have been removed – work with the energy of the organs, visualizing them even if they have been removed.

Helpful tips:

Benefits of the Honey Pot:

  • Brings health and vitality to your sexual organs 
  • Sensitizes  your vagina, uterus and cervix
  • Strengthens the Vagina-Brain connection
  • Removes negative beliefs, shame and guilt from the sexual organs

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Download the audio below to guide you through the Honey Pot practice.


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