Sex is about way more than just pleasure or babies. Most of us were raised with some background notion that the very serious dude up in the clouds wants us to have sex to make babies in the bounds of marriage. Then, most of us learned that it was okay to do it for pleasure, so long as we loved the guy or were married to him, or were drunk enough to excuse the behavior.

In Tantra it’s taught that there are three main uses for sex: procreation, pleasure and spiritual awakening. This at least broadens the scope a bit.

The cool thing about sex is that you can use for a wide variety of reasons – and our ancestors embraced this. Here are some great uses of sex besides pleasure and babies:

1. Sex for Better Health: The ancient Taoists would target specific organs and meridians with sexual energy. Want a stronger, happier liver? You can support it with sex. Want to balance your hormones and de-stress? Sex can do the trick. Wise ancient masters knew that sensations are a type of energy and as we all know, energy can be used as fuel. Sexual energy is like rocket fuel, and you can use it to boost your circulation, support your internal organs or give boost to your immune system with the proper techniques.

2. Sex for Healing: Talk therapy only goes so far. As women, we hold most of our deepest traumas and emotional holding patterns in the vagina. Therefore, sex is one of the most natural places for the body to release and heal. This means having a discussion with your partner ahead of time that sex may include tears, anger, shaking or anything, really – be sure to discuss any relevant boundaries. Ten years of therapy can be accomplished in one good sexual healing session where your body can free itself of years of tension, pain and sadness and re-open sexually. Beware that being with a partner you can trust to open this deeply with, and who understands the value of you expressing your emotions sexually is a must.

3. Sex for Spiritual Awakening: Sex and sexuality can be consciously used to alter your state of awareness. Many people throughout the history of time have used sex as a gateway to spiritual awakening. From sacred sex in temples to married couples consecrating their experience, intention, ritual and technique can all support the use of sexual energy for creating spiritual awareness.

4. Sex for Self-Awareness: Ever notice that a different side of you can come out during sex? The bedroom may invite your animalistic, dominant, submissive, primal or super sweet side that you don’t always reveal anywhere else. Sex allows us to find and explore different aspects of our complex human psyche.

5. Sex for Celebration: Who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday, New Year’s Eve or Halloween with some really awesome sex? Just like our ancestors, we still have a lingering association of really making a holiday with a sexual celebration. And like the High Priestesses of ancient societies, we know intuitively that there can be a lot of power available to us for heightened sexual experiences on special “holy-days.”

6. Sex for Making Shit Happen: Also known as Sex Magic – the potent energy of sex combined with the impressionable state of mind during sexual heights can be used to manifest and create things using will. Most of you know how powerful intention can be – so when you back up that intention with energy – in this case sexual energy – you are putting your desires for success, relationship, health and/or enlightenment not only front and center, but you are providing your intentions with the extra boost of support to really make them happen.

Let us know any other ways that you use sex in your life in the comments section below!

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