I was super nervous before I did this interview, but as soon as I hopped on the call all that faded and I got electrified by the wisdom of Esther Perel!!!

You know how when someone speaks with such inspiration you just want to scream, YES! YES! YES!

…and jump through your computer screen to hug them?

(and if you are me, jump around wildly for no reason in a bit of giddy joy…)

Well, that’s how I felt during this interview with Esther Perel.

We covered all sorts of awesome stuff like:

  • How to keep passion and attraction alive in a long-term relationship
  • The real key to healing from sexual trauma
  • Next-level relationships and how to keep things fresh and sexy

But more than anything else, you’ll just feel alive after watching this. Enjoy!!

Check out Esther Perels new course on Rekindling Desire here.

This is about having more passion and sexuality in your relationship, and I personally feel it is an excellent course for those of you who want more intimacy and connection with your partner, and you are starting from a space of wanting guidance on how to even communicate about sexuality and ask for what you want.

Esther Perel focuses a lot on having a relationship that makes you feel alive inside, rather than dead or numb. If aliveness is what you are seeking, then I highly recommend signing up for her course here.

If you do buy her course, I get paid, yay!! My commitment to you is that I will never recommend anything to you based on $$. I turn down many offers per week to promote products and courses, and I rarely say yes, because I will only share something with you that I genuinely believe to be amazing.


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