The whole reason that I do what I do is that....

I LOVE it when you get a taste of your own sexual bliss…

I LOVE when you get lost in ecstasy….

I LOVE when you remember that existence is crazy, wild & exuberant when you just scratch a tiny bit beneath the “normal” surface.

Those experiences are possible the more that you DO the things that get you there rather than talk about them.

So I made a detailed Tantric experience that you can try tonight.

I not only describe this simple practice in the video below, But I’ve also made an additional 15 minute follow along practice video for you to do with your partner tonight…or any other night.

It’s an exquisite practice, and it really helps you understand “What is Tantra?”

Because Tantra is to be experienced as much as anything else.

Have a fabulous night!! 😉

PART 1 – Introduction and Demo

PART 2 – Follow along practice to try tonight…or any other night 😉

To Tantric Love…xx

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