Today I want to talk to you about something that your lover might be doing that they think is helpful…

But actually isn’t.

Have you ever had a lover say, “I really want to give you an orgasm”?


It seems so kind, so helpful, so wonderful…

But it’s actually SO MUCH PRESSURE.

And pressure actually makes orgasm way less likely to happen.

It puts a goal on the situation and that takes you out of the moment.

Besides, you know what’s way better than a climax*?

(*No, it’s definitely NOT a gluten-free maple-sweetened cupcake.)

It’s being in a multiorgasmic state!

When a woman gets pressured to have an orgasm, she’ll likely either just shut down, fake it, or have a short climax.

But when she’s supported in her full pleasure, she can enter what’s called a “multiorgasmic state.” It’s like an orgasmic experience that goes on and on and on in a super beautiful, really deep way.

If you’re a woman, then this video will help you understand how to not put pressure on yourself and how to talk to your lover about not pressuring you – so you really can sit back, relax, and fully enjoy the ride.

And if you make love with women, then this video will show you how to support her to unlock a much, much deeper experience of ecstasy and pleasure that most people don’t talk about.


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