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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn to how to CRUSH it at blow jobs.

I wanted to teach you some of the best blow job tips out there with a panel of experts…

And who knows better than someone who both gives and receives?

So I spoke with three (exceptionally amazing and hilarious) gay men about what to do…

And what to absolutely NEVER DO when going down on a man.

Things got a little crazy…there were some heated debates and disagreements…

But in the end…we all agreed on this one thing…

Happy New Year!!! To your best sex ever!

Get ready to laugh your head off AND get some amazing advice.

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Blow Job Lessons From 3 Gay Men

All right, gentlemen. Teach me how to suck cock.

First of all, are you ready for it?

Yeah. Do you have…

That’s the question

I’m so ready.

How do you know you’re ready for it?

This is a good question.

Well, who’s the model?

Oh, yes.

Well, we’re not doing a live demo.

It’s not a live demo? Well then, forget it.

Awe, come on.

Well, the first thing you want to do when sucking dick, if that’s okay to call it, if you want to call it a dick.

What would you like to call it?

Suck dick, suck cock, whatever works for you.

As opposed to a what?

I mean, you can call it cock. You can call it wiener.

Are we calling it… A penis, is that what we’re saying?

Have you ever said, I suck wiener?


Make sure the dick is clean.

Yes. So many times it smelled so bad.

And if they’re uncircumcised, make sure that they pull the skin back, and make sure they get up under the skin, so you don’t have…

I like scrub like four times. It’s just like, scrub, scrub a dub dub.

Yes, but let’s shower together. Let’s shower together, that way I know it’s clean. I’ll wash it for you. You feel what I’m saying?

Take a shower. Please, just take a shower. Okay, go ahead.

No, so now, I get to talk. Now, I’m telling you, that’s all nice. That’s very fine. You got to take a shower, all that stuff, but when you get… First of all, there’s nothing weird about the way balls and dick smell.

Not at all.

It’s fantastic. It’s like the best thing ever.

To a certain point.

Okay, so step two. My thing is I like to squeeze and make sure they ain’t got nothing. You feel what I’m saying? Because you don’t know if a person got gonorrhea or clamydia, and they won’t say anything, especially if you don’t ask.

I like how hygienic you are.

I’m just saying.

So, do you do a full inspection?

I do a… Strip, butt booty naked, and I need to see you from head to toe.


You’ve got a clean, STD-free cock.

STD-free. Yes.

All right. So let’s just assume that that’s all,okay.

Step two, make sure their mouth is water… watery.

Yes. Stay hydrated.

Because you don’t need to be dry.

Yeah, you don’t want dry dick.

You don’t want dry dick. No. Make sure you lube it up well with your mouth.

That’s a good point, like you like got to like move your tongue around and like really… Yeah.

Yes. You got to tease the head, so you cannot forget about the head and don’t forget about the balls. Okay? Because they are important just as well as the dick.

So yes, let’s talk about that for a second because that is the thing that most… And I watch a lot of straight porn because it’s disgusting, but fascinating at the same time.

I love straight porn.

I watch it for the same reason.

I watch it just for the dick. That’s it.

The thing that women just don’t ever remember, they completely forget and men, too, I guess…

Yeah. They forget about the balls.

… is they forget about the balls. You have to tickle the balls while you’re giving a blow job. That’s very important.

Okay. Can you give me specifics? What does it mean to tickle the balls, like tugging, massaging?


Well, for me, I sometimes… I don’t know why I felt this way, but like when they tug on it, I just feel like they’re going to rip my balls off. Just a little gentle because I’ve had guys where they’re like, they try to tug it real hard thinking it’s sexual, but if it’s like a little tug, and it’s…

Ask them what’s his pain tolerance is because some people are into that roughness…

Oh, I’m not.

Where you like you about to snatch them away from their body, but we assume that you know the person.

I like a little roughness.

Seems like a good thing if you know the person that you could actually test it a little bit and be like, I’m going to go gentle at first, but let me know what feels good.

The point of all this is… The point of this one is, don’t forget the balls.

Don’t forget the balls.

Don’t forget the balls.

Okay. Step one, clean dick. Step two, balls. Step three, make love to the dick. Let’s move on to that.

You got to make love to the dick. You got to love it, okay?

That entails quite a bit.

Yeah. We’re going to break it down.

Yeah. We’re going to break it down.

Let’s break it down.

Let’s have you see if you can help us break that down, what it means to make love to the Dick.

Well, it’s more than just going up and down with your head. I feel like one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever gotten, it was all about the circulation of the head.


And if it’s like super big, you got to add the hand in there in the opposite direction.



Just like… One of the hottest things is when they like slobber all over it and just make that sound, you know? So good, and then I’ve tried to put that in my repertoire, and it’s worked.

I like put your lips on the dick, right, and tight, tight, and you go and you like this whole thing about how it has to go fast, fast, fast.

No, it’s terrible.

Not at all. Take your time.

Thank you. Yeah. Take your time and go slow, go down, and then go up and then go down and go up.

That’s good.

And like the thing when they open their mouths and like, and they’re like…[open mouth, trying to deep throat, gagging]

That’s a mess.

It’s terrible. It’s a mess. Absolutely right.

But I think it’s an interesting point because I think so much of porn is around like women’s submission in this weird way. There’s something about that, but I love hearing that that’s not hot.

It’s not.

I totally get off on gagging people, gagging [inaudible 00:04:30] because that’s hot.

Because deep throat is not always like that great. For me, I’ve had guys that tried to deep throat, and they’re just like, they’re forgetting that they have teeth, as well.

I was just going to say. That’s another step. Don’t use teeth.

I’m like, if you cannot… If you cannot deep throat, just don’t do it…

You got to teach them, though.

And also have an empty stomach if you have a gag reflex.

You got to teach them.

That’s all I’m going to say.

Teach them how to deep throat.

What is it about deep throating that is amazing?

When you swallow the whole penis, you just feel amazing, do you hear me? The whole penis.

Well, I like…

So, no teeth, maybe deep throating, if you’re good at it.



I mean, but you won’t know unless you try.

And what makes you good at it is like you really know how to relax your throat, so you’re not… you’re really…

It depends on the dick size, like the girth.

And then anything else on making love?

Your blow jobs are better if you love giving blow jobs.


Yeah, this is true.

I love sucking dick so much.

This is true. This is true.

You know? And a lot of people don’t.

This is true, very much true.

Some people don’t, and the other thing that you have to remember is once the guy cums, don’t go down there again. Leave it alone because after you come and then they continue sucking your dick…

It gets hypersensitive.

Then yeah, I want to scream, and I want to kill people.

That’s so true. Yeah.

Me, when you’re getting ready to nut, hun, I’m going to suck that head as hard as I can, honey, because I’m going to suck all that shit out.

Yeah, when you’re ready to cum. After, we mean after.

As soon as I nut, I’m like, I’m going to rip your head off, like, leave me alone.

We could work on that, but not in this vlog.

I know.

I’m all into the making love thing, so once he’s nut, lay your head on that pelvic area a little bit, and just kind of give it a little tease [inaudible 00:05:59].

All right. Quick speed round, then what is your best blow job tip?

Just breathe.


Breathe. Relax.

Sometimes, I forget to…

Like if you’re an opera singer.

[inaudible 00:06:11]. I know sometimes when I get really into it, I forget to breathe, and I’m like, oh my God. Okay, relax.

Just breathe.

I don’t think he’s trying to go anywhere, right now. He’s not going to leave you. He’s here.

Yeah. It’s true.

I think I have an idea of what has been successful for me. When…

This is going to be deep. I can tell.

When I’m sucking the penis…


Now, it’s a penis.

And let’s just say they’re standing up. It’s okay to put your hands on that ass.

Yeah, it is.

And massage it.

Again, that’s another episode when you put the finger in the asshole. That’s another one.

So much here.

That’s another episode.

That’s another episode. That is another episode.

Along with the rimming episode. It’s going to be a whole series.

I can’t wait to see it.

And it’s just something about, and me personally and from when I’ve done it is like, it just feels great when they also is making love to like just giving a nice little, you know what I mean? Yeah. While sucking a dick? It might make him cum a little quicker. You know what I mean? If you want to give him a little quicky… Let’s just say you got to go to work, but he in the bed with a hard on. He’s like, you know what? Damn, I don’t want to leave my baby like this. I’ll give him a little quick head, quick. Satisfy his need before I go to work.

Yeah, yeah, and I’m not leaving the ass massage out.

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I forgot what that was.

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Digital guide. Ugh. Okay. God, lines. [inaudible 00:07:35].

We’ll do it in sign language, maybe.

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All right. Go?

That was great.

Go ahead. Yeah?

[inaudible 00:07:56].

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