Have we lost the art of an outrageously good makeout session?

Is it always just about the goal of intercourse?

Or a brief kiss before work?

Or a means to an end?


(Insert teenage angst, a playlist + the thrill of that. first. kiss. HERE)

Well, I’ve got for you the most amazing process ever…Tantric Kissing.

Once you experience the magic of Tantric Kissing, your old makeout sessions will feel like scuba diving in a pool…so you don’t want to miss this!

Tantric Kissing brings your makeout sessions to totally new, electric, and elevated levels…

Allowing you to experience flowing orgasmic energy and a communion with the sacred and outrageous passion between you and your beloved kissing partner.

Buckle up, relax, and take flight with this crazy-good + crazy-powerful way to kiss!

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How to have a magical Tantric kiss

Tantra is a deep, deep, deep path. It is a path to enlightenment. It is about literally everything in the universe being a path to spiritual awakening. So, you can kiss in a tantric way by literally letting your kiss open you deeper and deeper, letting it take you higher and higher by tuning into the true nature of your partner.

And this kind of kiss, oh, mama, it is better than any drug you could ever possibly take. It is liquid ecstasy itself when you tap into this way of locking lips. So, I’m going to guide you through a step by step process now, of how you can tantrically kiss your partner.

So, step one is to actually want to become present. So, we can either be unconscious when we’re kissing our partners or just habituated, like I’ve done this a million times and I’m just going to do it again, or you can get really nervous and get in your head.But if you become really present by taking a few deep breaths into your belly, really centering yourself and just noticing, wow, I’m here.

In step two, you want to actually activate your five senses and feel your whole body. So, what I invite you to do is actually feel. If you’re sitting, feel your butt on the chair. If you’re standing, feel your feet connecting to the floor, feel the air on your skin. You can take a few deep breaths. Notice what it smells like around you. Notice how your partner looks. Feel your full body sensations. You can pay attention to any sounds. What this will do is it will actually attune your nervous system to be way more deeply connected in the kiss.

Step three, you’re going to connect deeply to the energy of your partner. So, that means that you’re not just feeling them as a human, but you’re actually feeling their energy body, the energy that surrounds them, and you’re feeling deeper than just their personality. You’re feeling the entirety, the wholeness of your partner. You can start to touch their skin and you can even connect with them energetically.

You can energetically flirt with them, feeling the energy coming off of their body, their sexual energy. You can feel your sexual energy starting to pulse. If all of this feels like a lot, well, it’s a big process to dive this deeply into an incredibly erotic, electric, mind blowing kissing experience. How you set it up and the steps that you do beforehand is everything about what you get once you’re there.

Step four, as you start to kiss, you want to be really aware of the energy between you. So, don’t lose this awareness of your partner’s heart, of their deeper being. And as you kiss them, it’s like you’re feeling how they’re receiving the kiss, how their energy is meeting yours.

You can feel the connection of being heart to heart, feeling your heart’s open, the love flowing between the two of you. Basically, have the kiss be this full body energy experience, and even feel like you’re dancing and interacting with your partner. You’re feeling their breath. You’re feeling their openness, or maybe their closedness, like you’re listening and feeling to all parts of them.

Step five, you want to stay fully present. No thinking. No thinking like, “Does she like this? Is he into this? How is this going?” Don’t think, “Oh, I got to get their pants off,” or, “Oh, are we going to have sex?” That means you’re not present. You want to be as fully present as possible. Oh, do you know what is in a human kiss when you are fully present?

The entire universe is in a human kiss when you are fully present. Just like a meditation practice can unlock your true nature, show you all the secrets of the universe, a kiss can do the exact same thing if you bring deep mindfulness to the kiss. And one of the biggest tricks is not to start modeling the future in your head. So, so many of us do this. But as soon as you’re thinking about the future, you’ve lost the present. And you’ll be out of the depth of the magic, that you’ll be out of the depth of the connection that’s available to you.

So, keep breathing deeply into your body and really anchor into anywhere that you’re connecting to your partner, any kind of touch that’s coming from you or your partner. The way that your lips are connecting, the sensation of your tongue, all of this will make you deeply present. And the more that you drop into that, the more tantric your kiss becomes.

Step six, feel the divine nature of your partner. So, this is one of the core tantric teachings, we are all the divine. And this can be like, yeah, okay, whatever, we’re all the divine, or you can seek it. You can feel it. You can discover it in every moment. The divine consciousness, the divine energy, it flows through everyone, regardless of gender. All of us have this divine spark. And instead of just kissing the lips of your partner with a bunch of the future in your head, about what you’re going to do to them and how you’re going to get them into bed, what if you kissed God herself?

Step seven, you can actually pause, take a few moments where you actually stop kissing. You look deeply into your partner’s eyes and you actually breathe into your hearts, to your lower belly, and your genitals together, as though your breath could reach these parts of your body. And take those moments to reground, to become really, truly present with one another. Oh, it’s so good.

Step eight, you can start to pulsate your sexual energy, so that you’ll actually start feeling your turn on pulsating through your body, and you can cycle it with your partner. So, you can make an actual loop of your sexual energy through your pelvis, up through your heart, through the crown of your head, and back down into your partner’s.

So, if you visualize your sexual energy coming up through your body, out of your crown, down into theirs, and they do the same visualization, you’re actually creating this really amazing loop of sexual energy between the two of you. And if you start to move into love making, this will actually really alchemize your sexual energy into this delicious, melting, incredible state.

But here’s one of the things about tantric kissing as well, is I highly recommend, especially if you’ve been together for a really long time, that you actually choose sometimes just to make out, like when you were in middle school or high school and you just made out. The deliciousness of that. And sometimes, especially I hear this from women a lot, when the expectation is that a kiss always leads to intercourse, then some women can start to shut down from the very beginning, because they’re like, “Oh, where is this going? It’s in my head. Am I just being pushed towards intercourse?”

If you actually make a boundary, let’s just make out, it doesn’t matter how hot things get, how turned on we get, we’re just going to kiss, it can allow you and your partner to drop fully into the kissing experience and also not to get into your heads about where it’s all going. It’s not going anywhere, it was always here.

All right, enjoy your tantric kissing. It is one of my favorite things in the whole world to experience. And if you want more amazing tools just like this, that will take you and your partner so deep, and your sexuality so deep into your connection, that will let your experiences together be more sacred, more connected, more divine, then I have written a guide for couples, called Epic Lovers. And it’s a guide that walks you step by step through the six different types of sex and gives you so many tools that you can start using with your partner to explore your sexuality in these deeper, sacred, more connected ways. And go ahead and subscribe, if you haven’t already. (singing)

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