Is there anything worse than having sex when you aren’t really feeling anything (or are feeling pain?)?

Ok, yes, absolutely, being the lone human on Earth after the zombie apocalypse or getting lost naked and alone on a glacier…. Could be potentially worse.

The point is, if you aren’t feeling anything during sex, or if you’re actually in pain, it is an awful, terrible, soul-sucking experience.

I don’t want that for you, or me, or anyone, but unfortunately it’s extremely common.

So I made the video below to explain how to recover sensation and experience all the luscious, delicious, and ecstatic pleasure available to you…

And why the jade egg practice is so effective to help you get there.

And really, there are four underlying issues that cause loss of sensitivity during sex:

  1. You’re just not that into it
  2. You don’t want to feel what’s in there (desire, pain, pleasure, ecstasy) so you numb out
  3. You’ve gotten habituated to being in your mind instead of in your sensations
  4. A medical issue

#4 is pretty rare and beyond my pay grade, so if you suspect that, please get the support you need….

But #1, #2 and #3 can all be solved with some quality jade egg time.


Well, for #1 you learn what you desire and don’t desire and you learn how to listen to and honor yourself so when it’s a no, it’s a no. And if it’s a yes, you can also feel empowered to share what you like and how you like it.

If it’s #2, this is about re-training yourself to feel: to feel it all. This can be challenging in sex because we’re conditioned not to cry or be afraid or even (and you know this is true) feel real, mind-glowing ecstasy (yes, glowing ;)) … or if you’ve been in pain, you’ll want to stop feeling altogether. But with a jade egg practice, you can support yourself in a safe and loving way to feel again. Alllll the feels.

For #3, this is a re-training that you can do with the jade egg. It helps you to shift out of the mind and into the body, where all the life-changing magic happens.

Learn all about the 3 scientifically-based ways the yoni egg electrifies your sex life below:

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