One of my secret obsessions is bringing back celebratory rituals into our lives….

I love celebrating the return of the light on winter solstice with a Sex Magic ritual….

I love celebrating fall with emotional release and wild grieving that gives way to the most profound gratitude….

I love ritualizing my love for Andrew with fireside heart breath and connection exercises….

Ritualizing the seasons, the holidays, and my friendships, as well as ritualizing my everyday experiences, is one of the most profound ways that I express my gratitude for being alive.

And rituals don’t have to be big, elaborate affairs that take a ton of time…. They can also be woven into your daily life.

A ritual in the shower, a 2-minute ritual in bed, a ritual while you’re driving…

Can make a huge difference in the way you show up and express gratitude for even the smallest moments of your day.

In this week’s vlog, I brought my soul sister Natalie MacNeil on to share all about how you can bring more ritual into your life…

And make a powerful ritual transition from 2019 to 2020.

You can watch our amazing conversation down below.

I also highly recommend buying Natalie’s book The Rituals as a New Years gift for yourself or your loved ones – it’s an amazing book and I’m so honored to support my soul sister in this beautiful creation of hers!!

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