One of my 2020 New Year’s resolutions was to celebrate every full moon with a ritual.

When Andrew and I were in Kauai in January (OH, back in the day when you could GO PLACES!!!)…we crept out to the beach under the massive full moon and did breathwork to fill our bodies with the sensual, silvery, oh-so-sexy moonlight…

And then disappeared into the trees for delicious full moonlit playtime….

Using the energy of the full moon for mischief, mayhem and, yes, way better sex is one of my passions and since tonight is the Scorpio full SUPERMOON 🌕, I thought I’d share with you how to use this full moon energy for more amazing sex (with yourself or a partner – I often do my moon rituals alone!).

For those of you who aren’t astrological geeks, Scorpio is like the sign of the moody, sensual, hot sex fling that you can’t stop lusting after and who will throw you on the bed and ravish you with desire and then disappear, probably into their artist’s den after a sexy fight…so, yay Scorpio Full Moon…enjoy your night 😉

May we all feel the powerful energy of the Goddesses, witches, warlocks, pixies, Earth creatures, medicine womxn, and priestesses out tonight playing with this precious life…and know that we are never alone.

If you love the idea of celebrating every full moon, I do a High Priestess initiation with my membership crew every Full Moon – today we’ll be learning about how to be the High Priestesses of sex, but next month we’ll be doing a full-moon initiation into the sacred mysteries of our bodies! If that’s something you’re interested in joining, hop on the waitlist over here and watch out for your invitation on May 26th.

If you want to try combining orgasmic breathwork with the full moon energy, download the 10-minute breathwork practice below!

P.S. I’m going LIVE on Instagram for the next three Tuesdays about what it means to put on your CROWN 👑and become the Queen (or King or non-binary royalty) of different aspects of your life, AND I’ll be answering your questions live! This coming Tuesday, May 12th at promptly 1 pm PDT, our topic is Becoming the Queen of your Relationship(s). Follow me on Instagram to be notified when I go live!

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