There is this particular gesture I make at parties when people ask me what a Crystal Egg is…

I say “it’s an egg shaped crystal that you put up your vagina…”

“And you do yoga with it and it changes your life and gives you better orgasms and heals your sexuality and basically makes you a ravenous sex goddess.”

(Okay, I don’t usually say that last piece about the ravenous sex goddess, but it’s not not true.)

For some reason, I always do this gesture of putting an imaginary egg into my vagina.

Like they need a physical demonstration just in case my description wasn’t clear enough.

This is what makes me a teacher.

I just can’t help but make sure to get the damn point across.

I’m also obsessed with Crystal Eggs.

Yes, I love my own practice.

But more than anything else I love what they do for you.

So many women and people of all genders desire full-body, electric pleasure…

Experiencing ultra earth-shattering G-spot orgasms…

Transforming their sex lives from underwhelming to fully awakened with groundbreaking fireworks and deep, luscious connection…

And the Crystal Egg practice DOES ALL THAT AND MORE.

You might be a new mom looking to own your sexuality by doing a sexy self care practice that also allows you to rebuild your pelvic floor strength…

(Did you know in France, you get a government sponsored pussy coach to help you with this? They believe that mom having a healthy pussy makes for happy families…THEY ARE RIGHT…)

Or are you a menopausal woman looking to have the best sex of your life by taking deep care of your sexuality so your pleasure just gets more and more outrageous over the years…?

No matter what your gender, maybe you’re looking for heightened awareness and sensation all over your body during sex…

The crystal egg practice can absolutely do all. These. Things.

And more!

The Crystal Egg practice not only opens up your pussy to create a spacious, thriving inner landscape to unleash your deepest orgasm and most epic sex…

This practice also allows you to release negative limiting beliefs, toxic, stagnant emotions, and past lovers from your system…

Giving you the chance to reset your sexual energy so you can step into the most oceanic pleasure you’ve ever experienced.

Ready to jump into this radically effective practice? You can explore Crystal Eggs and find the perfect one for you here.

Wanna learn the deep 101 on the Crystal Egg? This video will teach you everything you need to know!

And discover even more benefits by watching this before moving onto the 3-step practice.

Remember, everything I suggest in this practice is an invitation…

Follow your inner guidance and modify as feels safe and right for you!

3-Step Crystal Egg Practice

1. Connect with your body and tune in.

Lie down in a comfortable position and gently take 3 deep breaths. Take a few minutes to stroke your own skin, your hair… and to follow your own pleasure. If you’re not naked already, you can remove your clothing.

If you feel erotically inclined, stroke your vulva, your clitoris, anything that feels good for you.

2. Practice egg insertion and breathwork.

As you feel ready, begin the egg insertion. Place the wide end of the egg up to the entrance of your vagina. Very gently twist the egg. No pushing, no force. You can feel your pelvic floor widen to invite the egg inside. Twist the egg gently and slowly at your own pace until the egg is inside of your vagina.

Once the egg is inside, inhale and squeeze around the egg, then exhale and relax. As you squeeze, lift gently, as you release, fully relax. Squeeze and inhale, exhale and release.

Repeat at your own pace.

3. Complete your practice and hold your sacred energy.

Now you’ll come into rest. Place one hand over your heart, one hand over your lower belly, and you’ll feel the energy you’ve created in this practice. Return to a state of rest and peace.

If you feel complete with your practice, you can use the string to go ahead and remove the egg. Sanitize and clean your egg so it’s ready for your next practice.

Take a moment to honor yourself for the time you spent in safety, giving yourself the gift of pleasure and celebration.

If you’re curious to learn even more about the Crystal Egg and how you can use it to create your best sexual self, watch your inbox for my upcoming Crystal Pleasure program!

Crystal Pleasure isn’t about just putting an egg in your vagina and hoping for a miracle…

It’s a complex system of practices developed from a detailed understanding of women’s sexual health and functioning…

Combining the ancient wisdom of the crystal egg process with the most effective and modern techniques for integrating trauma and transforming the nervous system…

So you can supercharge your self-love, orgasms, and healing ALL at the same time…

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

I can‘t wait to share more with you…

Stay tuned!



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