Some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had…

Have been rage-gasms.

When you orgasm, your body wants to release whatever’s been stuck inside…

But if you’re repressing and ignoring certain emotions, they won’t be released and they’ll continue to wreak havoc in your system.

And you won’t be embodying your fullest expression…

Which means you won’t be able to access your wildest, most ecstatic orgasms.

You see, the greatest orgasms come from embracing your shadow…

So with a rage-gasm, you’re going to make the unfelt felt.

You’re going to embody your rage, feel it, and allow it to finally be released.

And through this process, you’ll be unlocking parts of yourself that are longing to be expressed…

Releasing feelings you may have been internalizing and turning against yourself…

And letting yourself UNLEASH in ways that will totally expand your orgasmic capacity.

So if you want to learn my 4-step RAGE process for having a rage-gasm, check out the video below!

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