We all have that ONE ex…

Or that one night stand…

Or that fling that happened in Cabo that we’d LOVE to take back…

Well guess what?

Today I’m here to teach you how to do exactly that!

Okay, not exactly that, I don’t have a time machine tutorial for you, but I DO have a potent practice for clearing your pussy of toxic, crappy energy…

The kind of energy that can interfere with moving forward and finding the (next) right person for you.

My VITA Ritual for Clearing Your Ex-Lover is an amazing way to clear the frequency of any partner you’ve been with, from Mr. Last Night to Mr. 5 Years Ago, and wipe out the built up energy that lurks in your body.

Watch the video below to discover the exact process for reclaiming and resetting your pussy’s sacred energy – there’s even an audio recording available to make the practice SUPER easy.

If you’re ready to learn even more incredible VITA Method practices like this one, applications for my VITA Coaching Certification open soon! Sign up below to get all the details on all things VITA!

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