This week’s video will walk you through the 6 steps to unlocking your own g-spot orgasm. Enjoy! 💦

I LOVE setting aside 30 minutes for myself and exploring new things in my own body and sexuality (it’s the ultimate self-care…like a bubble bath on ecstatic, orgasmic steroids)…

And although exploring with a partner is amazing, I actually love my own solo missions just as much as my partnered experiences… they’re different, but both really special.

(And before I get 500+ messages about how that must be because ‘I don’t actually enjoy my time with Andrew’, that’s so not true; I adore our sexual time together….I just happen to be the ultimate Queen lover to myself as well.)

And especially during a time when we can’t go to wild house parties or Burning Man 😭😭😭, exploring your own g-spot with a toy, jade egg or self-massage is such an epic thing to do for an internal party. 💃🏻

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself 😂)

And, if you want to become highly orgasmic in that area, aka make your g-spot “party central” – it takes time and patience and exploration…

Which is way easier to discover and unlock on your own first!

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