For me, the cervix used to be the place that was super uncomfortable and even painful if it got knocked at the wrong angle during sex.

When I first heard it could be orgasmic, I was like: 🤯😨🤯

I was super nervous (and definitely resistant) to even going there…

But I was also so curious about what secrets lay deep inside my own body.

What I discovered is that there is an actual process for releasing pain, tension and even crazy past life s**t out of your cervix…

And opening up to orgasmic bliss there instead!

The fancy word is “de-armoring” but I like to think of it as spring cleaning for a few thousand years of female sexual repression.

Out with the pain and in with the pleasure, because, ladies it is 2019 and it is about damn time your cervix stopped crying and threw a fancy party for her fine self.

In the video below I’ll show you how to do this exact process step by step on your own or with a lover.

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