For me, the cervix used to be the place that was super uncomfortable and even painful if it got knocked at the wrong angle during sex.

When I first heard it could be orgasmic, I was like: 🤯😨🤯

I was super nervous (and definitely resistant) to even going there…

But I was also so curious about what secrets lay deep inside my own body.

What I discovered is that there is an actual process for releasing pain, tension and even crazy past life s**t out of your cervix…

And opening up to orgasmic bliss there instead!

The fancy word is “de-armoring” but I like to think of it as spring cleaning for a few thousand years of female sexual repression.

Out with the pain and in with the pleasure, because, ladies it is 2019 and it is about damn time your cervix stopped crying and threw a fancy party for her fine self.

In the video below I’ll show you how to do this exact process step by step on your own or with a lover.


This Is How You Have a Magical Cervical Orgasm

So I hope before you clicked on this video, deep in your heart, you were like, “Layla, I am willing to learn how to de-armor my cervix, but I want it to be done with you in crystal earrings and a gold bathing suit worn as a top.” And I’m not gonna let you down.

And one of the things that you might be saying is why the cervix, why, why would I de-armor my cervix? I wanna tell you, there is something about cervical pleasure, that there is just nothing like it in the world, and you can feel cervical pleasure with or without a physical cervix.

So I’ve worked with women, who’ve had their cervixes removed and they have found this depth of pleasure. The cervix is the root chakra. It’s the home of the primal energy of Kundalini energy and I have seen woman after woman when she de-armors her cervix.

It’s like this explosion of pleasure throughout my body. I’m vibrating. Like my cells are fully alive and I feel this like, river of activation all the way through me. What is this? And I’m like, welcome home. Welcome home. Welcome home. Welcome home. This is home inside of you.

So I’m gonna teach you a process to de-armor your cervix, how to soften out the patterns of tension that create numbness and pain. When you grow up without sexual safety, without a sense of connection and, and security, what happens is there’s a chronic tightening in your sexuality and specifically in your sexual anatomy.

So what happens is the cervix over time gets tighter and tighter, more and more tense and will either become numb or will be painful.

So when you de-armor your cervix, it is relaxing physiologically. And then it’s also healing and integrating the emotional layers that are there underneath the physiological tension, and then restoring and integrating and creating a new, emotional reality inside of the cervix.

I’m gonna take you step by step through a process that you can do at home. Now, the best way to de-armor your cervix in my experience, is to use a body safe dildo. So what I mean by this is a lot of dildos are manufactured with toxic plastics, toxic dyes. So you wanna get a dildo that is safe, either a hundred percent silicone, no dyes inside of it, or one made of glass. There’s different variations.

And once you purchase the dildo, you get it shipped. We’re gonna go through all the steps here. Dildo arrives, you open the box. And what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna learn to insert it.

Now, a lot of women are like, how do I insert a dildo? Well, you turn yourself on and when you feel turned on and ready, you can hold the dildo at the entrance of your vagina and slowly bring it inside.

And over time, as you turn yourself on more and more, you wanna bring the dildo all the way up so it’s making contact with your cervix. It’s very important as you do this process to really start to feel this area and get a sense for it.

We’re gonna push around the cervix and at the center of the cervix. So almost like a circle with eight dots all the way around it and right in the center. And with every time that you push, you’re going to breathe right into the point that you’re pressing into. You’re gonna inhale into it. You’re gonna exhale, and you’re gonna sound what you’re feeling. If you stay present with it, then you’ll actually integrate it.

So I want you to be careful because you could do harm to yourself if you overwhelm your body and you wanna do only as much as you can stay present for. What I mean by that, you wanna do only as much that you can say, I’m here in my body. I’m here in this room. I might be feeling something from the past, but I know that I’m here in a process, healing myself.

So let this be a step by step process and give yourself weeks or months. There’s no rushing. There’s no pushing. You’ll create this really beautiful environment. Your cervix will relax and a deep, deep, deep healing will happen.

And the final piece as you do this process, is to create a very powerful intention for your time doing the cervical de armoring. So you can make the intention of integrating pain, integrating physical tension in your body, healing different emotions.

And I invite you to also make the intention that the process is gentle. That the process is peaceful, that the process is loving for your body. You can actually set the tone of how your healing happens.

It’s the same thing with any emotions, you might cry, you might feel rage. When I de-armored my cervix, I healed crazy stuff with my grandmother. I healed crazy stuff about witch burning. And the important piece, the thing that actually creates the healing, is showing up and being present.

And one of the things you’ll find when you do this practice over time, is that an awakened cervix pulsates with pleasure. There’s a heartbeat to the cervix that you can start to be in contact with and it’s so beautiful when that happens inside of your body.

So I’m really excited for you to experience this and to really connect to your cervix in this way. And if you wanna know more about this process, you’re interested in going even deeper, then head on over to, sign up with your email address, and I will send you beautiful weekly videos and information around how to do these tools and techniques.

And that’s also how you can stay in touch with us and actually reply to any of our emails and get amazing coaching and guidance which is something I’m so excited to be able to offer with amazing, amazing, amazing certified coaches through my program, and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel. If you haven’t already.

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